Monday, August 2, 2010

Lessons We Learn From Infants

If you have been reading this blog for the past year you know that I had a beautiful baby girl last July. She recently turned one. We have enjoyed every minute of her. Not only has she brought us immeasurable amounts of joy she has also taught me many lessons.

We have finally gotten a bedtime routine down most of the time. It took about 11 months to get to this point but we finally did it! One night recently as I was holding her I thought about how God holds us the same way. How he is there any time to pick us up and hold us close with His arms wrapped around us. Some nights when I lay her down rather than her turning over and going right to sleep she will cry out. Now, for the longest I would quickly pick her up and hold her until she would go back to sleep. I have learned to let her cry for a few minutes and usually within no time she is asleep. That has made me think about how Christ will pick us up when we need Him to but sometimes we need to grow and learn and just like my little girl crying in the crib learning how to calm herself our relationship with Christ grows when he does not do what we are begging Him to do but He does what He knows is best for us.  Just like I know it is best that sometimes I not immediately pick my little one up the moment she cries, God knows what we need and when we are asking for something that is not the best for us. 

It is amazing all the things our children can teach us.  The lessons I have learned and still learn through our first childs short lived life and death and then the lessons I am learning through our precious little girl reminds me each day of our Heavenly Father's love for each of us.

(Please do not think I let her cry and cry.  I can tell if she is crying because she is tired or if she needs to be picked up and held.  Learning to let her cry it out was very hard for me!)

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