Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Year, New Start!

As I sent my children out the door yesterday, to begin their new journey for the year, I sat at God's feet for a while. I don't know about you, but my summer was so busy! We went from one camp to another. Three children going in 3 different directions usually. I have to admit, that my couponing was left at home quiet a bit this summer. In fact, in all honesty, I didn't cut a "complete" set of coupons the whole summer. (Now, I did still use some of them, they just didn't make it to the binder, all neatly organized!)

As I sat at God's feet, I thought, "I wonder how many other women are feeling the way I am right now?" I felt sad that children were back at school, relieved that I was going to have some type of routine, and overwhelmed with where to start first!

I had let the finances go a little, (checkbook needed to be balanced,) let the coupons go (all cut and organized now!,) hadn't worked much over the summer, so the budget was really tight, and my house was full of piles and clutter. I even gained weight over the summer instead of losing. :-(

As I sat there praying, I realized, that satan often tries to catch us as women when we are at this overwhelmed point. He tries to tell us, that we have messed up, we can't catch up, we are not good enough, etc., etc. We all have those moments where the negative self-talk can try to come in to our minds.

But, this time... and hopefully always, I chose not to listen to that negative talk. Instead, I decided to pray God's word, and get out a notebook. I made a plan! I decided that with God, I can be the best ME, that I can be. You can too. We don't have to be and do all of the other things that other women are. Be who God has designed you to be. Just the way you are!

Now.... what does this have to do with saving you might ask? Well, I pulled that BIG pile of coupons out, that I had pushed aside for the summer. I cut, filed and then used them at the store. I spent $47. and saved $109. What an awesome God we serve. I was on a very tight budget... and He allowed me to get everything I needed, under budget! It also felt good, to Just Do It! I had been dreading so many of the things that I had "put off" for the summer. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I wrote down my goals, and started checking them off! Money saving time is back!

You can do whatever your hearts desire is. Stop dreading it, get out paper and pen, write it down and begin! As Chris said .... "I dare you too!"

Have a great school year! You can do it!

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