Thursday, August 26, 2010


Last week my daughter got sick and then within 48 hours both my husband and I had caught her little bug.  For a whole week my household chores were all on hold because we were just trying to survive with both of the grown ups in the house feeling like we had been run over by a truck.  Normally, when I go to bed at night I at least try to have my kitchen clean and the dishwasher running.  Being sick that week though I would have to clean what I could when I could and then rest. 

When I had more energy I looked at my house and could not believe all the clutter everywhere. Stuff that we did not put up because we did not feel like it. I decided I was done with the clutter and pulled out the trash bag.  First, I decluttered my kitchen.  I think I spend 90% of my time in the kitchen and living room these days.  I really like the model homes you go in and there are very few things on the kitchen counters so I have decided from now on as little as possible goes on my countertops.  There is not much to declutter in the living area because that is where our little girl plays during the day so we have pretty much baby proofed that room.  Her toys are in there but at the end of the day when she goes to bed I can put her toys in a basket and move them to one area.

I also worked on a few other areas of our house and the next morning when I got up I did not mind walking into the the kitchen because it was all clean and no clutter!!

As I was admiring my clutter free area it reminded me how much clutter we sometimes have in our spiritual life too.  What kind of clutter do I have that keeps me from having a closer relationship with Christ?  Just like the clutter in our homes can make us so unmotivated to even start throwing things away does the clutter in our life keep us from reading God's Word the way we should or does it keep us from having the prayer time we should?  Can it keep us from hearing what God is trying to say to us sometimes?

It may not be January 1st when it is time to make your New Year's Resolution but I decided my goal is to keep the clutter out and by doing so there will be more room and time for the things in this life that really matter.  I am far from being done decluttering my house.  There are several more rooms and closets to go but I know if I take it day by day I can do it!!

What kind of clutter do you have in your home and life that you could throw away today?  I know that when my house is messy, cluttered, etc, it just makes me not be in the greatest mood.  I think getting rid of those things will even give me more time to be a better wife, mom, daughter and friend.  Let the decluttering begin!!

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