Monday, February 20, 2012

Truth or Lies

I was given the opportunity this past week to hear "Blair" speak to a group of women.  If that name doesn't ring a bell, maybe the song will bring it back..."You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have, the facts of life, the facts of life." 

These days, "Blair" is known as Lisa Whelchel - wife, mom, speaker, and author.  After her time in Hollywood, she got married and had 3 kids - all of whom she homeschooled.  She is also a well known speaker and author of 16 books.  I encourage you to check out her story.

Back to the evening...Lisa was a delightful speaker and very personable.  The setting was intimate and she was able to interact with the audience quite a bit - answering questions and sharing her testimony.  She spoke about the things that have been written on our hearts - both truths and lies.  Most of our memories are of the times something new was written there.  She encouraged us to really examine what is written on our hearts, and, if need be, rewrite the lies.  Those are the places the enemy has a stronghold - telling us we are only loved if we "do" something right or good, we have to appear to be perfect if we want people to like us, that we need to be careful not to open up to others or we will get hurt.  The lies go on and on.

I think we can all relate to the lies we have bought into.  We all have them.  The thing to remember is that you, with the Lord's help, can rewrite those lies and walk into freedom in the Lord.  Some of those lies will take longer to rewrite and some will change quickly.  I encourage each of you to think about what lies the enemy is feeding you - what in your life is he taking advantage of and using against you.  You can overcome!  God's word has the truth that you need.  Call out to Him. Cry out to Him. Then sit in His presence.  Meditate on His word.  One of the things Lisa offered when you are struggling and you feel as if God is not answering, is that sometimes God answers our prayers with His presence.  Embrace Him and let Him comfort you. 

He is ALL that you need.

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