Monday, February 27, 2012

Prayer... I pray quite a bit.   Yet...I still don't quite pray enough.  My prayer life is ever changing...always going through make overs so it can be more intimate.  I like to be very...detailed...with my prayers.  So detailed that sometimes it turns into something less personal...and more about me making sure I cover it all.  I have found myself struggling to keep it less like a "habit" and more like a conversation lately. 
So...time to change it up again!  One of the ways that I recently decided to change it is by creating a prayer reminder.  It looks like this:

The pictures remind me to pray for my kids...and I usually go for whatever happens to pop into my mind first.  The little pictures are the missionary families from our church.  I also have added a few tags with names on them recently...just names of people who need prayer for whatever reason.  The thing is...this board is located directly across from my kitchen and on the way to my bedroom.  I see it all the time.  And it really does help me remember to stop and pray...or keep walking and pray.
Another thing that I am doing is going to sound a little odd.  But, I'll just go ahead and say it anyway...I am attempting to have shorter prayers.  That's right...shorter.  I am shortening them because they have become kind of memorized.  I am saying them in my head and not really thinking about them.  So, instead of just "reciting" them...I am praying in the moment.  About what I feel is on my heart at that time in the day.  I have found that it helps make it more personal...and more frequent.
And the other thing I am getting very intentional with is praying over my kids.  I read Ephesians 3:14-21 and put their names in while they are sleeping.  They both like to play possum and crack a smile sometimes if I go in there too soon after I have put them down.  But...when my son asked me to pray for him the other made my heart smile.  I also just pray whatever I feel lead to pray sometimes.  The peace this brings me is the kind of peace that I can't describe.
What are you doing to make sure that you have a personal, unrehearsed prayer life?

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  1. So, thanks for posting this... it was an inspiration for MY post tomorrow! Haha!