Thursday, June 30, 2011


Recently we moved our little girl to a "big girl bed".  This was a very hard for me.  Seeing the crib pushed over to the side and now a twin day bed in her room showed me again how quickly she is growing up.  I am reminded of this post that I posted last August about the lessons we learn from infants.  Even a year later I am still amazed at the lessons we can learn from our children.

Now that she is in the toddler phase I am seeing how she mimics so many of the things we do.  Seeing her copying things that she sees me doing is a gentle reminder that I want her to see me doing the right thing.  I always want Christ to shine through my life and I definitely want my little girl to see Jesus through me.  She already loves the Bible.  She will see my Bible and go to it and say "Bible" and pick it up and flip through the pages.  Even though she is too young to read it - it makes me happy to see her get excited to pick it up. 

My little girl still has so many stages of life to go through....we are going through a stage of life until we pass away.  One thing I definitely want her to learn is that as we grow up we need to continue growing in Christ also. I want her to see that for our relationship with Christ to grow we have to spend time with God, praying and studying His word.  There are so many lessons to teach her over the next 16 years until she goes off to college and I just pray that God will guide both me and my husband in teaching her all that He wants her to learn through us.  I pray that she will love Jesus with all her heart and live her life where people see Jesus in her.

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