Monday, April 25, 2011


Every year, as I grow in my faith, Easter takes on new meaning.  With the growth God has brought my family in the past year…I find myself in awe of what Easter means.  Really.
Our powerful, awesome, miracle-working God gave his ONE and ONLY son.  For you.  For me.  I can't imagine a love like the love God has for us.  I love my family.  Like…I love them so much it hurts and brings me joy at the same time.  Yet HE LOVES ME MORE.  And He loves them more too.  Doesn't it just blow your mind?  That a love greater than any we know…is a love that is directed at us?
Then…our Jesus rose again!!!  He. Rose.  Again.  He triumphed over death.  An awful horrible death - for you and me.  He overcame it.  And because of it - I get eternity with HIM.  If you know Him…so do you.  And the people we love?  If they have a relationship with Him, then we get forever with them.  Forever without pain, fear, worry, doubt, sadness, poor health.  Perfect forever.  
So, shouldn't I give my ALL to my God?  The one who defies all boundaries of love, grace, and time?  Shouldn't I surrender fully to Him?  
I have given a lot to God in my relatively short number of years.  I gave Him my heart when I was a child.  My grief and joys as a teenager.  I gave Him my marriage as an adult.  This past few years…I have slowly loosened my grip and given Him my children.  My clinched fists are getting looser and looser.  And I want complete surrender.  I want to open them and hold them up high and give it ALL up!!!  
Why is that so hard?  Why do I even begin to think that I can do a better job at ANY part of this life than He can?  Hasn't He proven Himself worthy of my surrender?  The answer is easy…YES.  Yes, He has.  He is worthy of our everything! 
As we enter this season…join me in thinking of what we can surrender.  Really.  Is it that every day, redundant, moment by moment life that is full of fog and to dos?  Is it a situation?  A person?  A fear?  Doubt?  Just give it to Him…and don't look back.  It is easier said than done, but with His help…we can actually do it.  And lets help each other out too.  Because I'm pretty sure that we will need a bit of encouragement along the way.  Isn't it one of God's most precious blessings that we get to experience life with other women?  Most often other women very much like us?  
I am so thankful that I get to be a part of this blog and "do life" with so many other incredible women.  If you would like any help along the way, support, prayer, or if you want to know more about how to grow closer to Him, post a comment below.  And Happy Easter!!!

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