Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Where Do You Get Your Strength When You Are Tired?

I don't know about you... but I find myself TIRED a lot lately. I usually write about saving... but this month, I am starting a "new" savings plan. I have had to go back to work part-time, so my money saving tip, is to work if and when necessary! God will provide!

I am at a different season of life. I have an elementary student, a middle schooler, a high schooler, and a 25year old nephew living with us. I love having everyone in the house, and every day is a new adventure. However, I am keeping later hours, earlier hours, longer days, and a much tighter budget. I have 4 singers in the house, one gymnast, one cheerleader, one violinist, 2 piano players, 3 guitar players, one football player, three basketball players, a rock band member, one softball player, and a dancer. WHEW! I am tired just typing all that the 4 of them are involved in.

Sometimes I get through the day, but I am so exhausted, that I think I am asleep, before my head hits the pillow. At the end of the day.... I know that the only way I made it through was by the Grace of God. My strength is in Him and through Him alone.

My "savings plan" this month, is working when and as He provides. God has given my children so many gifts and talents. Those talents, unfortunately require money, sometimes to get better, and improve. That is where my part-time job comes in.

I used to be a teacher , and while I loved teaching, I loved staying home with my children, even more. Recently, I have gone back to substitute teaching. I also have been painting again, which helps bring in income. Both of these things could be looked at as good and bad. If I wanted to look only at the negative, I could look at the time that they take away from my family, and the energy that they take from me. BUT.... I am choosing to look at the blessing they are to me, my family, the teachers I am ministering too, and the families that I get to paint for.

I have been subbing for the last 8 days, and was looking forward to 2 days off. At the end of the day, however, I was offered 3 more days. At first I wanted to say no, but then I thought about the budget, God's provision, and God showed me why I was really there. He would give me the strength I needed.

I got to speak with the teacher that broke her leg, for whom I have subbed the last 8 days.... she was so grateful. During our conversation, I truly felt that God would use this to minister to her someday. She is someone that I have been praying for, for a while. Then, the most humbling thing happened. As I was getting ready to leave for the day, I was able to hug and pray for a teacher who lost her "best friend" to cancer last night. I will sub for her over the next 2 days. It broke my heart, to hug her while she cried. It also reminded me, that working part-time may not be what I thought I would be doing, yet what He wants me to be doing right now. There is a reason.

I know that a lot of women work full time. I have new sense of prayer for them now. I do know that I would not have committed to so many other, extra-curricular, volunteer activities, if I had known how much I would be working. Even those though, God gives me the strength to do.

I feel like I have just rambled on, or shared a little from my diary today with you, but I think the main point, that I hope to get across is: We all have different "seasons of life." Sometimes we are called to work, stay at home, coupon, bargain shop, etc. But we are always supposed to sit at God's feet and say: How can You use me best today Lord? Who do You want me to Love? Is there a way that You want to provide, yet I have to be willing to do the work? He is our Great Provider!

I know that I can't do any of this alone. As a wife, my first priority is to Love & Serve God, then my family. He can not use me anywhere else, no matter what the cause, unless I do that first. But I know that when He does call you to save, work or go, He and only He will give you the Strength that you need to succeed.

Phill. 4:13.... I can do ALL things through Christ Jesus, who gives me strength.

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