Monday, October 12, 2009

Life Story

A life story. We all have one. Actually, we all have several. I love hearing people's stories. As a mom, I hear a lot of stories. My kids tell me some wonderful stories. They and their friends tell me stories. I also hear stories from neighbors, friends, even strangers. Each life story has purpose, intricacies, nuances, characters, tragedies, heroes, and suspense. Each life story has GOD's hand woven throughout the plot.

One day a few weeks ago I was privileged to hear a conversation between my son and a friend. I was driving a group of kids from one place to another. We were dropping off and picking up- the usual- one gets out here, one gets in here. As my middle daughter and a friend were loading the car, I heard my son in the third row ask a friend, "Have you ever heard my life story?" I was a little caught off guard by this. My son has quite a life story. His story is a detailed one that takes more time than I have right now. GOD saved his life several times in miraculous ways. I was wondering how my son would share this information, with this friend, in this time, in this chaos. I kept listening. I looked in the rear view mirror. I saw him grab my daughter's Bible. He opened it to John 3:16 and read it out loud to his friend: "For GOD so loved the world that He gave His one and only SON so that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." Then my son shared this: "That's it. That's my life story. GOD loves me and I love Him. Do you believe this too?"

Well, praise GOD, that's my life story, too. I believe it. Yes, all of the other parts of my life that pointed me to the cross and to belief matter. But, the simplicity of this is wonderful! GOD loves me and I love Him. Oh, I want to keep it this pure. I want my life story to be this simple, this pure. I want my family's story to be this simple.

When all of your life's story seems confusing, hard, or too complicated, make it simple again. Remember, GOD loves you. He died to make it all OK. We will have everlasting life with Him- if we believe that JESUS is the CHRIST the SON of GOD who died for our sins. If you accept this free gift, this can be your life story. What a great story!

Many chapters of my life have been painful, GOD has held me in those times and carried me with such peace and love. No matter all of the inbetweens, it all comes down to the fact that I was never alone. It is a true statement that GOD loves me at all times and is always with me. I love the simplicity of my son's statement: GOD loves me and I love Him. I hope no matter how complicated my life gets in the days ahead, I will remember to slow down and focus on this. Is this truly my life story? Or, am I allowing something else to take over and be the storyline?

"Dear Father, thank You for sending JESUS to die for me. Thank You for being my life story. Please keep my life simple, pure, and centered on You."



  1. Jill, this is so good! If only we could always be like little children. Thank you for sharing what our life story could be! And I love what our pastor has said more than once, that the "balance" in our life should be an all out pursuit of ONE thing -- God Himself. He wants to write our story and receive the glory.

  2. jill,i have always said you should write a book! your words fell fresh on me this morning. someone say GLORY!