Thursday, November 1, 2012

Worth the Wait

"God's perfect timing is worth the wait."  I heard these words today at a Bible study, and no words could be a better picture to me of adoption.  At no time before have I had to endure such a wait for something.  Though I've read in the Bible about those who waited years and even decades (or more!) for God's promise to be fulfilled, that hadn't been the case for me--until God started us on the road to our next child.  We officially began our journey to our daughter in August 2010.  Exactly two years later, August 2012, we received our long-awaited call with our referral where we were matched to our little girl.  We were given pictures, medical records, and her known history.  And suddenly, the prayers of the last two years were visibly connected (for me) to the precious child God had known all along.  No longer did it feel like my prayers were in vain as it occasionally had during the wait.  Now I knew her face, her smile, her past.  In that moment, I also knew and saw God's perfect timing as He matched us to her.

After the referral was given, the courts closed for almost two months (as they do each year).  We felt good about even this time because it was time we knew we needed.  As courts reopened 3 weeks ago, we began to get excited as it meant our process would begin to move again.  And then, a week ago, we learned that a paper was not signed in-country, and we therefore had not been submitted to court.  We also learned that a new medical form is required on all of the children, so that also has to be done before we can receive a court date.  Upon learning this news, I began asking the Lord, "Why?"  I thought I had figured out His timing and His plan, and suddenly it wasn't lining up the way I thought.  I didn't understand.  Fear began to creep in and doubts surrounded me.  But, in that doubt, God used His people and His Word to comfort me.  And I began to rest in that comfort.  My sorrow turned to acceptance as I remembered that God was indeed still on His throne and in control of even this.

Today as I was reminded that His timing is worth the wait, my eyes were opened to the joys He has surrounded me with during the wait.  I have been blessed with a group of 15 women in my Bible study group who I just adore.  I could name at least 30 people who have prayed for my daughter-to-be in the past week.  I have been able to be involved with my biological children's school this fall.  I can clearly see how the Lord has placed me in the midst of all that I'm involved in, and His timing is indeed perfect.  I'm reminded that walking with God is not me running ahead or lagging behind; it is a constant walk with the Lord--and that walk can include weariness, slowing down, and, yes, even speeding up.  The walk might not always seem fun, and I might not always see where I'm going.  I might not even like the path He chooses...but the One I'm walking with knows the way, and He knows the best way to take to get there, too.

I haven't seen the end of this journey yet.  We still have documents that need submitted and then 2 trips to Ethiopia before our daughter is home.  But, I can still declare with full confidence, "God's perfect timing is worth the wait."  

What is it you are waiting for?  The job you need in order to pay your bills?  The baby you so badly desire?  The love of a father you've never known?  The joy of a good day after countless bad ones?  Whatever it is, will you give it to the Lord?  I know it's hard, and some days it seems impossible, but He is worthy of your trust.  He is good, and He is true.  And His timing?  It's perfect....

I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in his word I put my hope.  Psalm 130:5

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