Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's Time To Soar

Last week, as I drove to pick up my daughter from a playdate, I saw a hot air balloon. Granted, this is a frequent treat for McKinney residents, as we often see these colorful delights floating gracefully through the sky. Still, this one, in particular, grabbed my attention as it was so close it seemed I could almost jump in the basket and hitch a ride.

 I turned into a neighborhood and saw the basket clumsily brushing against trees along the roadside. Clearly, the pilot was still learning how to maneuver the balloon. Still, before long, it was soaring through the clear blue sky. How I wanted to ride along!

Since then, as days have passed,  I have frequently thought of that moment. I think it is because it is a bit how I feel right now. I suspect I am not alone. You see, I long to soar for God.

 It seems every day, new dreams awaken in my heart. God-sized dreams. They are aspirations for which I am not qualified. Most of them both terrify and excite me at the same time. They seem utterly ridiculous! In fact, the world would surely laugh if I spoke them out loud. Yet I know they are from God, as my desires only grow stronger with prayer.  I want to soar.

We are told to "humble yourself under God's mighty hand that He might lift you up in due time". (1 Peter 5:6) It is wisdom that contradicts the "can do" attitude of our culture. Human nature speaks boldly to our ego and pushes us to act in our own strength. On the other hand, Christ persuades us to look to the LORD and trust Him to equip us for the journey ahead. By His power alone, we shall soar to heights we would never see on our own.

Some of us are resting.
And some, like me, are waiting for take off.
Others...they are soaring.

The LORD sees it all and gives us a cloud of witnesses to cheer us on in our journey.

Our world is broken. Our problems are real. It might seem as though our faith is crashing against the burdens of this life. But all is not lost if we place ourselves under Christ. God made us in his image and put us here, in this time and place, for His glory. Let's dare to use our God given gifts and talents in a lost world for Christ's sake. For if the Church would rise up, the world will surely see our beautiful Savior and experience His grace. It's time to soar!

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