Monday, October 29, 2012

Pass on your Blessings

I received the following several years ago and have kept in on my refrigerator ever since.  There are years when I am more committed to this than others, but it is always a good reminder of what we so often take for granted.  So, as we head into November later this week and begin focusing on all we have to be thankful for, I thought some of you might appreciate having a way to help your kids understand exactly what we do have and some additional things to be thankful for.

Once a day for the next 30 days, place an offering in a box.  During December, you can give the gift to missions.
Day 1 - One our of 5 American children live in poverty, lacking adequate clothing.  Give 2 cents for each pair of socks your child has.  Day 2 - Are you thankful for the blessing of electricity? Give 2 cents for each light bulb in your house.  Day 3 - Would you rather live in the dim light of candles?  Be thankful for them too. Give 2 cents for each candle in your house.  Day 4 - Most of the world's population lives beyond the reach of medical care.  Give 10 cents for each box of Band-Aids in your house.  Give an extra dime if they are not skin-colored.  Day 5 - Are you thankful you have a roof and doors to keep our the wind and rain?  Give 10 cents for every exterior door your house has.  Day 6 - Are you thankful for your clothes? Give a nickel for every closet in your house.  Day 7 - Are you glad you have indoor plumbing?  Give 5 cents for every roll of toilet paper in your house.  Day 8 - To people in refugee camps, even a thin sliver of soap is precious.  give 5 cents for each bar of soap in your house.  Give 10 cents for each container of pump soap.  Day 9 - Think of something nice you can do for a poor family in your community and do it today.  Maybe give some boxed food to the Food Bank.  If you can't, put a dollar in the box and be exceedingly grateful for all of your own blessings.  Day 10 - Do you walk to your town to get a bucket of water for washing, drinking, bathing, and cooking?  Or are you blessed with faucets that bring precious water to you?  Give 10 cents for each faucet.  Day 11 - How did you get clean today? Give 10 cents if you took a bath and 20 cents if you took a shower.  Day 12 - Most of the world is starving while Americans biggest concern is being overweight!  Put in 1 cent for each pound your mother and father thinks that they are overweight.  Day 13 - What a blessing to be able to see and have eye doctors to help us!  Put in 10 cents for each pair of glasses your family members wear.  Day 14 - Many people in the world are blind and do not have doctors to help them.  Give 5 cents for each person in your house that wears contact lenses.  Day 15 - Jesus loved the little children.  Give thanks, and 10 cents for every child in your family.  Do a secret good deed for each one of them today.  Day 16 - How would you like to live in your car as some families have to do?  Give 10 cents for every car in your family.  Day 17 - What if you lived on the streets?  Give thanks for your home and give 5 cents for every pillow in your house.  Day 18 - Epidemics often follow natural disasters.  Give thanks if no one in your house has been too sick this month to go to work or school, and give 50 cents.  Day 19 - The comfort of a clean bed is an undreamed of luxury for millions of the world's poor people.  give 5 cents for each bed in your house.  Day 20 - Did a cozy blanket cover you last night?  Give a penny for for every blanket in your home.  Day 21 - Was it cold enough to wear a coat today?  Give a penny for every coat in your house.  Day 22 - In some countries of the world, most of the people can't read.  Put in a penny for each children's book in your home. Day 23 - By now, you have bought some Christmas presents for friends and family members.  Give a penny for each present bought and give thanks to God for love.  Day 24 - Most of the world's population has never seen a grocery store.  Instead they scratch out their sustenance with primitive tools.  Give 5 cents for every garden tool in your garage.  Day 25 - Most people in the work cook over an open fire.  Aren't you glad your parents didn't send you out to chop wood this morning?  Give 5 cents for every burner on your stove and 5 cents for every oven.  Day 26 - Aren't you glad you have people that love and think about you?  Put in 5 cents for each grandparent, aunt and uncle.  Day 27 - Jesus was born and died for you!  Put in 10 cents for each family member who has received Jesus as their personal Savior.  Day 28 - Unfortunately this is the time of the year in which many people suffer loss in house fires.  Give 10 cents for every phone from which you can call 911 in the case of an emergency.  Day 29 - Many people suffer excruciating pain from the lack of dental care.  Give 5 cents for each toothbrush in your house.  Day 30 - Do you have a pet? Many people in the world can't even feed themselves, let alone a pet.  Give 25 cents for your pet.  If you live on a farm and have any other animals, give a penny for each additional animal.

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