Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christmas all year round

Yeaaa!  The first radio stations are playing Christmas music!!  Honestly, we have been looking for Christmas songs every day since listening to the XM Halloween station.  (Did you happen to catch that one  - it was soundtracks to old scary movies.  Lots of witches cackling, squeaky doors, wolves howling - pretty hilarious to listen to while driving through carpool!)  So, now it's official.  On November 13th, XM has started playing Christmas music on at least two stations.  And, I'm sure that the local stations are not far behind as it seems like it starts earlier and earlier each year.  I'm certain that some of you probably think that it is too early.  But, I am one of those "Christmas Nerds" who love to sing along with Christmas carols no matter what the time of year is.  I am always sad and depressed when the songs disappear from the radio waves on December 26th.  Couldn't we have just a few more days of "Deck the Halls and "Silent Night"?  Does Christmas have to be dictated by the calendar, only celebrating the season between Black Friday and New Year's Day?  Shouldn't we as Christians celebrate Christmas all year long? 

Now, that I start thinking about it and why I love Christmas songs so much, here is what I've decided:  Christmas songs just plain make it easier to get into the Christmas Spirit.  So, why not celebrate that the songs are playing on the radio earlier and earlier each year?  Why complain that the stores are getting out Christmas decorations even before Halloween and that Thanksgiving is being overshadowed by Christmas?  If we are honest with ourselves, it shouldn't take songs and decorations to make us in the mood for Christmas.  We should be celebrating the birth, life and death of Jesus Christ every day.  But, the reality is that we just plain get too busy to celebrate Christmas all year long.  Life too often gets in the way - school, sports, vacations, hobbies, etc. etc. etc. 

So, the next time you hear "Joy to the World" or "Jingle Bells", don't sigh and think"Not already!"  Smile, hum along and see if your mood doesn't improve.  And, don't forget to say a prayer of thanks for the real reason behind all of these songs. 


  1. I love Christmas music too! We were actually playing a Christmas CD earlier this evening. Can't wait until the local stations are playing all day:).