Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just One

*This was written in October 2011 but was never published on this blog....

Have you ever thought about how much God loves each one of us? How He goes out of His way to make Himself known to every person? How He sent His Son just for you?

For Believers, I think we all understand on some level that He cares about each of us individually, but God has been speaking so clearly to me about it in the past few days. In BSF (Bible Study Fellowship), we talked about how in Acts 8 God sent Philip specifically down a certain road to meet up with an Ethiopian eunuch in order to help him understand what he was reading so that he might know and be saved. As I thought about it, I was reminded that God is a personal God--He cared so much about that one person that he changed someone's path so that they could meet.

I've also been thinking about our friends who received the referral for their adoption this past week. Their daughter-to-be is 13.5 months old. They had been on the wait list 16.5 months, so they were put on the list 3 months before she was born. If the adoption process hadn't slowed so dramatically, she wouldn't have been placed with them because their minimum age requirement is 13 months. But God knew. He knew that she was to become their daughter, and He worked it out in His perfect timing. He cares about their family, and he knows that this little girl belongs in their family.

I have also thought back to my first trip to South Africa. On that trip, I was sick a lot, I barely had a voice, and at times I wondered exactly why God sent me. And then, near the end of the trip, we watched the Jesus film, and I was able to pray with a girl to receive Christ. He placed me in the exact spot at the exact moment when I needed to see a girl whose heart had seemed hardened suddenly become broken as she watched the movie show what Christ had done for us--for her. And I had the privilege of being there when a girl's life was changed--because God cared so much about her.

I know that God is the God of the Universe, and I can't even begin to fathom how He keeps track of us all,--other than to say that He's God and He just can--but He is more than just this guy up somewhere watching it all play out. He CARES about us. He goes out of His way to show us who He is and how important we are to Him.

He cares about you as you cry yourself to sleep. He care about you as you celebrate your victories. He cares about you as you wonder how you could've ever fallen so far. He cares about you when you wonder if He's real. He cares about you--no matter what. And even more, He LOVES you. And He loves me.

The God of the Universe sent His One and Only Son to die on a cross so that we might live. You see Jesus died, but He didn't stay dead. On the third day He rose again, and He did it all for you. He did it for me. He loves and cares for each one of us.

As our pastor said recently, Jesus + nothing = everything. Jesus is more than enough. Do you know Him? I promise you, He is worth the risk. And He wants a relationship with you. Every one of you. Will you give Him a chance?

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