Monday, February 28, 2011


Where does the time go? I can't believe we are at the end of February 2011!  It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the new year! February & January for that matter had some crazy days for our household. We had a surgery & 3 cases of Strep along with 6 snow days! Anyone of these on their own would have upset our already hectic schedule but then you add in all of these & things were just down right chaos! Finally our weeks are getting back into a familiar pattern. Just as I was settling back in it hit me that we only have one more year (potentially) for our family unit  to be under one roof. You see my oldest is a Junior in High School & while he may (if we talk hard & long enough) decide to stay with us his freshman year of college but he might just be ready to launch out into the world. That's when it hit me that time is swirling past me. I had already been working hard to simplify somethings in my life but that was for my sanity. Now it is a necessity for our family to do all we can to enjoy the time we have left under the same roof. So Time is becoming a precious gift in our family. We are working hard to find time to spend with each child & time for each other, family time & time with friends.

My prayer for you today is that you will value the time you have with those that God has placed in your lives & that you will let the ones you spend time with know how important they are to you.

We have girls night (chick-fil-a) & guys night (indoor football arena game) on the schedule for tonight so gotta go run so we can get it started. God bless.

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