Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Creative Ideas for Family Summer Savings

Tonight, I thought that I would just share a few ideas for creative ways to save and still have fun over the summer, with your children. In my previous posts, I have shared, how to coupon, how to barter, and looked at ways God provides. Let's face it, if you have children home for the summer, they are always asking: "What can I do, I'm bored!," so.... Here are a few inexpensive ideas for summer fun.

Play in the Sprinklers- after a morning of chores, or sleeping in! :-) Put on the swimsuits, spread on the lotion, and go outside for a quick run through the water hose. I am always amazed at the laughter and excitement. As an extra reward, let them each invite a neighbor.

Instead of going out for ice cream, Keep the freezer pops on hand - Nothing cools you down and refreshes like ice cream. We even pull them out in our cul de sac sometimes, for all of the friends playing. This includes hanging out with friends, building those relationships, and cooling off at the same time. Very inexpensive treat!

Visit the Library- The library has great activities for all ages. You can get each child their own library card, and let them feel very important. The library offers, story times, free movie rentals, computers, and lots of exciting books.

Free Bowling - I will have to look up the website, and add to this post, but there is a website to get 2 free games of bowling a day for the entire summer. I believe it is for Plano. You just have to rent the shoes.

Invite Friends for "Play Dates!"- This is a 2 fold adventure. You can visit with another adult, while the children play.

Go for Walks and/or Bike Rides - This is a great way to get exercise, and get to know your children better at the same time.

Find Restaurants Where Children EAT FREE! -There are several of these in town. I will also try to find some and post. I know that Mon.-Tues at JC Burger, kids eat free, and on Sat-Sun. at Steak N Shake, kids eat free. (there are several out there) Also... you can drink water, to save $1 -$2 extra for each person.

Check out www.couponcravings.com -This is a wonderful website. It's free & it tells you daily of great deals, bargains, and finds.

Go to the Summer $1 Movies, or the Matinee- If there is a "must see" movie, go when it is matinee time. Encourage children to eat before they go, to cut down on costs at the movies.

Stock up on Craft Supplies - When you find craft items on sale during the year, STOCK UP!
These come in handy when children say: "I have nothing to do." If you are like me... you hate spending a lot of money on a craft, that may not turn out amazing, :-) So, I stock up when they are on sale, and then, pull the $1 or less item out, at the time needed.

Have a Picnic- There are so many great parks, lakes, or even your back yard. Go outside, do something different, and ENJOY! Celebration park is one of my favorites. It has outdoor water play too!

The ideas are endless, that you can do over the summer. It would be fun to here from you too. As I think of others, I will continue to add.
Have a great summer, and GOD BLESS!

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  1. The bowling is kidsbowlfree.com and you can also go to Strikz in Frisco. :)