Monday, May 31, 2010

Ways God Provides!

I know that my blogs are usually on money saving tips, but this month as I was preparing to write this blog, God has been challenging me to journal ways He provides.

When I have taught "Money Saving Tips for Moms," I usually teach on topics like: couponing, bartering, yard sales, clearance shopping, making a grocery list before shopping, and telling others your needs (this includes GOD!)

It is so easy for us to get caught up in saying: "look how nice that person was," "look what a great bargain I found," or " I was able to....." You can fill in the blanks, but the truth is: God is the GREAT PROVIDER! He will meet all of your needs, more than you can ever imagine. So this month, I would just like to challenge you to journal how God meets your needs and sometimes even surprises you with WANTS. He is the best Father anyone could ever have, and I am sure He is smiling when He sees you smile.

When I teach classes on this topic, and the section of "Tell Others Your Needs," I often talk about how God doesn't want us to carry our burdens alone, (not that He wants us whining to others,) but He wants us trusting in Him. Sometimes God will say, "yes," sometimes "no," and sometimes "wait." Sometimes He provides Himself, and sometimes He uses others to provide for us. But always, He says: make your request known to Him. He already knows what your needs and wants are, He just wants you to tell Him, and trust Him to provide.

So..... I challenge you to give all of your finances to God, and trust Him to provide for your needs. He will, and I bet He will even provide your wants occasionally. Think about it, don't we do that with our own children sometimes? How much more does He love us, than we are capable of loving them.

On a final note, I will tell you of a few occasions, that I have kept track of over the years, where God has provided just what I have needed, and even sometimes my wants. He loves me so.... and He loves you too. Had I not journaled these moments, I might not remember them today. I might have also just looked at the situations and said... What a nice lady, or how lucky I am. Not "look how amazing my God is.... He is the great provider!"

1) Early in our marriage, I had decided to be a "stay at home mom." Money was very tight. We were having to go through Wendy's after church, (no time to go home and eat.) Our oldest son Drew, was maybe 4 at the time and wanted a kid's meal. We told him that we didn't have enough money that day, and were going to eat off of the $1 menu. He was disappointed, (he really just wanted the toy,) but we all sat and ate and enjoyed our meal.
About 3/4 of the way through our meal, a lady came across the room with a kids meal toy in hand, and said, "Excuse me, I wasn't very hungry today, and I ordered a kid's meal. I don't want the toy, and wondered if it would be okay to give it to your little boy?" I wanted to cry, because, I knew that God provided that toy... the lady's willingness, and maybe her obedience, but God's provision.

2) Around the same time, we were not sure how we were going to pay all of our bills, and get any Christmas presents for our son too. We didn't want to use credit cards, but didn't want him to do without. We received a strange phone call saying, " Open your front door, and look outside!" At the time, we were high school teachers, so we were a little nervous, but upon looking, we saw a brown lunch bag. My husband opened the door, we looked inside, and found a note with 100 $1 bills. The note read..."Don't spend your time trying to figure out who did this, just know that your family has been a blessing to ours, and enjoy! Merry Christmas!" Again, those people obeyed, and did not know of our Christmas conversations, but God provided just what we wanted. He is AMAZING!

3) Around the same time, we didn't not have enough money to pay all of our bills on this one paycheck. We were around $55 short. We received in the mail, a check for that exact amount. The letter said, "We sold our car, got more than we expected, received a blessing, and God told us to bless you. Hope that is okay." Again, they had no idea that that was just the amount we needed. God met our needs.

God will always meet your needs, if you are giving your first and best to Him. He tells us that in Malachi 3. He is the great provider. With all of the couponing tips that I offer, my greatest tip, is to tithe to Him, tell Him all of your needs, (even though He already knows,) and trust in Him. He loves you enough to provide, love Him enough to journal, so that one day, You can share your story with others just like this.

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  1. I love how God proves Himself faithful again and again! What great blessings He has given you, and what a great way to share "your story" by telling others! We have had similar blessings, and I know what a joy it is to share them.