Monday, May 24, 2010


Key Verse: “If you look for it as silver and search for it as for hidden treasure, then you will understand the fear of the LORD and find the knowledge of God.” (Proverbs 2:4 NIV)

“It’s my treasure,” I said convincingly to my Kindergarten teacher. Wearing a worthless necklace of plastic beads around my neck, I pretended I was wearing priceless jewels. Though the strand was nothing more than a prize from a gumball machine, to me, it was as as precious as rubies. With a wild imagination and an innocent heart, I explained that my necklace was really part of a collection of exquisite family jewels. Of course, my teacher knew better, as she indulged my young imagination for the moment. And, when she called my mother to tell her of our good fortune, they both found my claim to riches be innocently amusing. After all, my harmless claim was nothing more than a little girl’s young infatuation with treasure.

Unfortunately, we sometimes fail to outgrow our fanciful desire for all that glitters in this life. Daily, we seem to be bombarded by ads that tempt us with the empty treasures of this world. Luxurious cars. Lavish homes. Exquisite jewelry. It is easy to identify the treasures in our midst. And yet, like my plastic beads, these distractions are nothing more than worthless trinkets that leave our spirits empty and dissatisfied. No real worth can be found in chasing after earthly treasures. Still, for many of us, we fill our days in pursuit after the eternally worthless.

Consequently, we come away with empty hearts as we chase after the treasures of this world. More is never enough. A house can always be bigger. A car can always be better. All that glitters does not glitter enough. It is a meaningless game of cat and mouse that robs us of contentment. For, “surely he will have no respite from his craving; he cannot save himself by his treasure.” (Job 20:20 NIV) Wealth will never bring us joy. In fact, God teaches His children that we are not “to put our hope in wealth, which is so uncertain, but to put our hope in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.” (1 Timothy 6:17 NIV)

Certainly, we are not defined by our possessions. Nor will we find security in our finances. Instead, we, as Christians, are called to find our worth in Christ. It seems simple enough. However, in this modern world of marketing and commercialism it is a task growing ever more difficult for us all. Even so, we are assured that “the LORD has chosen you to be his treasured possession.” (Deuteronomy 7:6 NIV)

Further, we are advised to “look where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Luke 12:34 NIV) If we are wise, we will value the things important to God as we honor Him daily with our earthly treasures. Whether it be monetary gifts or our reserves of time, gifts, and talents, we each have treasure to lay at His feet.

Dear Father,
We are so amazed at your lavish provisions for your children. Truly you meet every need and know every desire. Still, the treasures of this world are such a distraction. Often, we get caught up in the meaningless pursuit of materialism. Forgive us for our ingratitude and give us hearts of contentment. Let us be generous with our gifts, our talents, and our resources that we may honor you with our treasures.

Reflection: What do you treasure?


  1. I love this one very much! I pray that my heart will always be willing to lay it all down for the only thing that matters......Jesus Christ! Great article my friend and I always love to hear the story about you and your necklace when you were in Kindergarten! I can soooo see you doing that!:)

  2. Welcome to Stitches, Heather! SOO glad you're writing with us!

  3. Thanks gals..I am so excited to be part of this ministry. <3