Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Double Digit Trip

As I look toward the beginning of yet another school year, I reflect on this past summer. It has been one filled with great times and some difficult challenges. GOD has been present in all. I am especially reminded of one day when His presence taught a very special lesson to one of our precious daughters.
Our middle daughter (Yes. I said MIDDLE. Some people steer clear of this word, but our family embraces it. GOD placed her in this position and she wears it proudly. We say she is the only one in the family GOD has chosen to be both a little sister and an older sister! What a place of honor!) turned 10. Or as we call it, she hit the double digits! In our family this means you get to go on a trip with Mom- The Double Digit Trip. So we planned the trip, made all the necessary arrangements and took off for a great adventure. We were about 15 minutes from home when our car started making a funny sound. So we prayed and asked GOD to take care of us and the car. My daughter has great faith and we both prayed this prayer believing GOD would answer it. The noise stopped. Out trip continued. A few minutes later, we had a blow out. We easily pulled into a new large gas station. My wonderful husband was ready to come. However, we were in a hurry and ready to get on with our day, so I asked him to let me get someone to help us change our tire rather than wait for him to drive to meet us. Holding my daughter's hand, I looked at one man as his car neared ours . . . and he drove right on past us! Then another man drove past us! Then a man walked out holding a coke, I knew he would help us. Our tire was shredded and had marked all over my car. It was obvious we needed help and this tire change was going to take more than just me doing it! He got in his car and drove away. It was Saturday morning, these men were in shorts, where were they going?!!! What had happened to chivalry? My husband always helps change tires, jump start cars, etc. We are teaching our son to help others- especially ladies. (We will also teach our daughters to change tires.) I was shocked that no one would help us. Maybe my next blog will be on raising boys to be gentlemen. Back to the tire situation in a minute . . .

The goal of the Double Digit Trip is a fun time celebrating the child turning 10. We focus on the child's interests and go for it. It doesn't necessarily mean shopping, but spending time and hanging out. I did, though, want to buy my daughter a treat on this trip. She is not a kid who asks for things or even likes to shop. So, I truly wanted to surprise her with something. When I told her this the morning of the trip, she could not come up with one thing she wanted. I was a little sad, but hiding my disappointment, I told her we would find a gift that would mean something to her. I never knew how GOD would do this . . .

Frustrated and not wanting to wait for my husband to drive to help us, I asked my daughter to pray with me again. We thanked GOD for protecting us during the blowout. Then we asked GOD to send us someone to help us change the tire. We claimed it in the "Name of JESUS." Then I told her we were going to go inside the gas station store and ask someone to help us. As we came close to the door a young man pulled up in his work truck and began walking toward the door with us. I smiled and asked him if he would help us change a tire. I knew he would. He said yes. I asked my daughter if she knew what the logo on his truck and shirt meant. She said, "I have no idea what GoodYear means." I told her it is a tire company. The GOD of the Universe sent a man from a tire company to help us change our tire! We praised GOD together! We also told the wonderful young man that he had been prayed for and was an answer to our prayer. He refused payment, but we snuck some money in his shirt pocket as a reminder of GOD's provision. We also called his boss to tell him what a great employee he had.

Now all of this matters why? GOD gave our daughter a gift for her Double Digit Birthday. No, not the gift I had wanted to buy her that day, but a lasting gift. A gift that would matter to her. A gift that would remind her for the rest of her life of the presence of her Heavenly Father at all times in big and small ways.

GOD has shown up in my life in astouding ways that would amaze people and fill blog after blog. But He has also shown up in my life in quiet unassuming ways that are not grandiose (to others) and do not have wild or fun stories. But, He has always "shown up." He never leaves. He just wants permission to be present, to act, and to be on the throne of our life.

"I thank you GOD for giving our daughter this gift on her birthday. I ask that we all remember your presence is a daily gift to us. Let us know you more as we love you and live in your presence."


"You will fill me with joy in your presence."

Psalm 16:11

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