Thursday, January 24, 2013

His Voice

Last night my phone rang with a number that I didn't recognize.  It listed my town and the number, so I assumed it was someone I knew and answered it.  The person immediately started in with, "Hey!  You have a minute?"  And I immediately went into figure out who I'm talking to because obviously I'm supposed to know mode.

Within a sentence or two, I realized it was a dear friend of mine who was evidently calling from a different phone number than I have in my phone for her.  At one point in the conversation I finally said, "Is this your home phone?" and I told her that I hadn't known who it was right away.  She answered with, "Oh, sorry.  It's me!"  For some reason it was funny to me because it was someone whose voice I clearly should recognize--as indicated even in her answer of "It's me!"

As I thought back on it this morning, I thought about when God calls.  He doesn't call me up on the phone (at least He never has!), but He certainly calls me.  He calls me to obedience, and He speaks clearly if only I'd listen. But, do I know His voice well enough to hear Him?  Do I have to think through all the possibilities of who it might be before I realize it's Him, or am I walking closely enough to Him that I can recognize His voice within the first sentence or two?

In John 10:4, it says ...his sheep follow Him because they know His voice.  I want to live in such a way that such a thing could be said of me.  I want to know His voice.

Lord, I pray that I would take the time to hear Your voice, that I would attune my heart, my mind, my everything to You and that I would hear You when You speak.  I want to know Your voice, and I want to follow You with all I say and do.

*originally posted on A Mother's Ramblings on 1/11/12

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