Thursday, December 1, 2011

Is Jesus Enough?

I've heard it be said (and I've said it myself), "Jesus is enough. Jesus + nothing = everything. Jesus is all I need." And it's true, He should be enough. If I received no other good gift in my life, it would be enough because it would be eternity with Jesus. But I am spoiled.

You see, I've been given a lot of good gifts in my life. From the beginning, God has given me other good gifts, "bonus" gifts if you will. I was raised in a godly family. I was surrounded by people who loved God. I went to a Christian university where I was surrounded by more people who loved Jesus, and who taught me more about what that meant. I married a godly man and I birthed two amazing children. I was allowed to go to South Africa three different times and learn more about reaching the world while also falling in love with a whole different group of people--people who have influenced our decision to grow our family as we now are adopting from Africa.

We now live in an incredible town with more than I could ever ask for. We have great neighbors, schools, sports teams, our church family, and, of course, friends. Nothing beats the friends I've made in the last nine years. And I mean it: NOTHING beats the friends we have here. We have been abundantly blessed.

So, what if God took it all away? Would it still be "enough" for me?

I've been thinking about that this week, and I have to tell you, it's rather unsettling to me. You see, I want Jesus to be enough, but I find myself saying, "but, God....". And I find myself becoming rather pouty at the idea that God might ever take away anything that I'm not comfortable losing. Selfish? Yes. Honest? Yes.

What about you? If God told you today to do something that didn't fit into your plans of what your life should look like, how would you respond? Would you immediately find joy and peace or would you struggle? (Please tell me I'm not the only one who would struggle!)

As I move forward in this Jesus life, I want Jesus to be enough--even though my humanity argues it even as I type it. My spirit wants Him to be enough; my flesh says I want it all. It seems like a battle that may not be reconciled fully until Christ returns or I join Him in Heaven. But, I want to continue to fight the battle. I don't ever want to grow so comfortable that I fail to reach the lost. I don't want to grow so comfortable that I no longer grow.

I want to live the Jesus life, even if it hurts.

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