Monday, December 5, 2011

The Christmas Tree...

We put our Christmas tree up yesterday and it was just so much fun!  I tend to be a little "particular" about how things are decorated...and I gave up on the tree about 3 years ago...when we had a little one in the house trying to sabotage help.  :)
And it is actually very liberating!!!  I know...I know...who finds this "task" to be liberating???  It sounds a little cooky, but I really did.  I don't have a theme.  There is no ribbon or tinsel.  There are lights and there are ornaments.  The ornaments are SO VERY sentimental, and they each tell a story.  There are some that have been around longer than my kids!  This makes me want to put them all up myself so they don't get broken, but I hold back on the freaking out and let the kids do it.  And they are so careful and gentle - for the most part!  When needed...there is hot glue.
The tree is lop-sided and crooked.  It is uneven and totally not symmetrical like it should be - trust me...I have major issues with things being "just right".  Ha! are we!!!  We are sometimes a little "off"...and messy...and broken.  But we are just right in the eyes of our God...  Just like our Christmas tree is perfect in my eyes.
Thank you Lord for this time to celebrate and think about the birth of our Savior!

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