Monday, November 29, 2010

Sitting right where God wants me...

It was about 6 years ago. God was stretching me, challenging me, and opening my eyes to just how BIG HE IS. Just months before, I felt a call to missions. My heart was overwhelmed by Him and I was certain He was asking for my life. All of my life.

I was doing dishes and talking to God about the sacrifice I felt he was asking of me...and my conversation with Him that morning went a little like this:

ME: "Lord...can You just call me to the 'white picket fence' kind of life? You know--husband, kids, PTA, Bible study, and a white picket fence?"

GOD: "Really? Are you serious?"

ME: "I'm pretty sure I want marriage and family and...the American Dream"

GOD: "You just THINK that would be the best life. But, what I ask of you and prepare for you will be so much better than what you can imagine for yourself."

ME: " seems so big...what you're asking of me...and I'm a little freaked out by it"

GOD: " this for me: no matter how much you want to sit in the 'green' chair, however enticing or wonderful it may seem, sit in the red chair. I promise you that the view, the blessings, the experiences will be more than you would ever have sitting in the green chair of your choice."

Sounds simplistic, huh? Or maybe it sounds cryptic and makes no sense at all. Background info: green has always been one of my favorite colors, so I would naturally choose to "sit in a green chair" because it appeals to me. Green=everything I want for me. Red (at that time) was one of my least favorite would probably be the last "chair" I would have chosen for myself if given the option. Red=everything GOD wants for me. Starting to make more sense?

Well anyway, that day I realized that no matter what God calls me to do, where He calls me to go, what He asks me to sacrifice, it is all so much better than what I would choose for myself. It will probably be outside of my comfort zone and beyond what I am used to. I'm sure I will balk at opportunities and ask God if he's crazy from time to time. I'm sure I'll stare at what he puts before me with eyes wide open and heart pounding in my chest. But THAT is where the adventure is.

I WANT to sit in the Red Chair. I WANT to see things the way HE sees things. I WANT whatever HE wants for me. I don't ever want to settle for the green matter how "pretty" it may seem.

I want the Red Chair...and the life that comes with "sitting right where God wants me."

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