Monday, November 8, 2010

Pieces of the Puzzle

Today I saw an amazing Puzzle fall into place in my MOPS group. It is very common in our lives to see or experience events that we step back & go why oh why am I or someone I know going thru this. As a Christian I believe that God has a plan & a purpose for each & every event. But often we don't understand this event for days or even years down the road. This morning it was amazing to hear 4 women from very different places in their lives come together to speak as we launched a new ministry to families of babies who will spend time on the Special Care Unit Nursery at the local hospital.

One of these ladies had experienced the NICU with her own child & later went on to be a NICU Nurse Manager at one of the largest hospitals in the DFW area. My path crossed hers earlier this year when a mutual friend referred her to me to help her with selling her home. She shared with us some ways we can best minister to the families in crisis & also helped us put into perspective how fragile some of the babies are when they are born.

One has been a friend from MOPS for the past couple of years & we have grown in friendship & I have seen a passion grow in her to reach out & share God's love & hope with these families. She experienced the Special Care Unit Nursery in our McKinney hospital 4 years ago. She has been leading the charge for this ministry & we have been blessed by her vision.

One was ministered to by another in our group just after her twins were born & both ended up spending time in the NICU at Children's in Dallas. Her family came to to our church just prior to the babies being born & God is now using her to give back to others facing the same issues as her baby has.

The last mom came to our group just this year but has also experienced the NICU twice. One experienced ended in a loss of her firstborn & the second in the rejoicing of walking out of the hospital with her third child. Out of her loss she became a strong supporter of another ministy called Early Angels at FBC McKinney. Early Angels is a ministry to those who have experienced Miscarriage or Early Infant Death.

Out of the experiences of each of these women a piece of the puzzle was formed to bring together a beautiful picture of God's plan to minister & love on families with babies in crisis. I am so amazed at what Moms can do when we put our minds together for the ministry of Christ.

In just a few weeks we have raised over $100 in cash donations, received grocery store donations of $120, restaurant gift cards & coupons worth over $200 & food, water, clothing, books & toiletries to fill 20 buckets.  What an amazing work our God has been doing in preparation for this ministry.

We already have two families that are ready to receive a love bucket. Thank you God for providing for the needs of little babies & their families way before we even knew we would be a part of it.

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