Thursday, May 16, 2013

Stuck on the Crumbs

I wrote this post about 3 weeks ago.  For those who may not read my blog or may not have seen me reference it on this blog, we brought home our daughter from Ethiopia at the end of March.  This was written after she'd been home 5 weeks:

Ella has gotten much better about eating in the past five weeks.  She has gone from practically inhaling every bite to often being one of the last ones done.  She has gone from stealing E and J's snacks after finishing hers to actually getting up and walking around before her own snack is finished--trusting that it will still be there when she comes back.  She still says "eat" as soon as she gets up in the morning, but she truly is learning that we can be trusted to feed her, and she will have enough.

However, as I was watching her today, it struck me how she still longs for the crumbs.  She had an entire cupcake in front of her, yet she was reaching instead for the tiniest speck of a crumb.  She sometimes gets so caught up in the little piece, that she fails to see the meal in front of her.  And I thought, Well isn't that me, too? 

God has given me so much; in fact, He has blessed me with a feast, and yet too often I seek after the crumbs.  I only see the little thing in front of me, and I fail to look at the beautiful big picture of what God is doing, the banquet table He is preparing. 

I don't think He wants me to feast on crumbs; I think He wants me to drink from His goodness, to feast on His Word, not the leftovers that I find lying around.  So today I will seek to enjoy the meal, and I hope to teach Ella to do the same.  Will you join me?

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