Thursday, May 10, 2012

In Case You Weren't Listening

I am not a worrier. Well, I didn't think I was. This year with my oldest son, and especially the last month, has challenged that. He has had health issues and school issues that have brought me to my knees. Tearful pleas and questions and arguments with God for this child.
Turns out, I worry a lot about P1. And while I regularly chant "Faith and Worry cannot abide in the same house," I'm not sure my heart is listening.
So imagine my trepidation upon hearing that Pastor Richard would be preaching on fear this week. It would have been easy to skip or leave early. It was my daughter's birthday. My 6 year old is squirrelly in church. My oldest has back pain and can't sit through church and Sunday School. Plenty of potential excuses. But God took out the possibility of missing when our neighbor asked if he & his son could visit with us. Okay, guess I'll be going to church and staying the whole time.
And I heard the message. And I took notes. And I came home. And I set the notes aside, and took on a week that included another MRI and an appointment with a neurologist for my oldest, along with a 4 yr old well visit for my daughter (SHOTS!). Oh, and my turn to write on the blog. I had something written about Sparrows and Eagles - maybe another day.
This morning God had some messages for me on Facebook, and funny enough, they sounded very similar to the message on Sunday. So, I felt compelled to share them with you, if only so I'll remember the lessons better, but maybe it's something you needed to hear, too.
Message #1: Worry Less. Smile More.
Message #2: The most difficult of circumstances can always be used to better our character and teach us many things we would have otherwise never known - it is equally true when it comes to our children...
Message #3: I cried out, "I am slipping!" but your unfailing love, Lord, supported me. When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.
Message #4: Listen to What If by Nicole Nordeman - What if there's hope you never dreamed of hoping for?
Message #5: ‎"You’ve wept a monsoon of tears for your child, enough to summon the attention of every angel and their neighbor to your cause. But you’re not so sure anymore. You find yourself wondering if Christ has forgotten you and your child. He hasn’t! Keep giving your child to God. In the right time, the right way, he will give your child back to you." -Max Lucado
Message #6: For with God nothing will be impossible. ( Luke 1:37 )
Message #7: Dear God, help me cling to your promises during both the joy and the pain of life. Comfort me and hold me close, help me go through challenges knowing I’m in the palm of your hand. Amen!!!!
Okay, I'm listening. God's got this. He hears my cries. There is purpose to this time of pain and trial. And I have a hope beyond hope, because my God loves my son way more than I do.
Oh, I went back and looked at my notes from Pastor Richard's sermon on fear:
- Why does God allow impossible situations in our lives? 1) To reveal His Glory. 2) For our growth.
- How to overcome fear? 1) Look up to God. 2) Give up control. 3) Launch out.
Something "impossible" in your life? No worries.