Monday, April 23, 2012

A simple question...

“How are you?”

I get this question several times a day.  Some people know we are struggling when they ask it, and some don’t.  And I always reply with the same thing.  It seems to catch some people off guard.

“I can’t complain.  So much to be thankful for.  Life isn’t easy, but it is so good!”

You see…I like to be honest.  But, I also try to be positive.  Things really aren’t easy right now.  We are working through a lot with our son, Owen.  Josh just started a new job that keeps him away from home even more than usual (which is A LOT).  Our daughter, Gracie, is on antibiotics in combination with a medication that makes her health a sticky situation when the two are taken together.  And I am…well…desperate for a slower pace and some time alone. 
Still…I have a shower that sprays out warm, clean water.  Children who are somewhat healthy and not the REALLY scary kind of sick.  A husband who loves me and works hard for us.  I get to stay home with the kids and be present in their lives.  They love me. 
And then there is my savior…Jesus.  That one constant in my life.  The one who LOVES me so much I can feel it in the most inner parts of my soul.  The one who blessed me with everything I have that is good.  The one who sent His son to die so I could have eternity with Him. 
When I think of my life…all I see are things I should be thankful for.  It isn’t easy to actually BE THANKFUL for them though.  When things are all busy and hectic.  And I just don’t know how to keep up.  I know it is all good…but it is just so hard to remember that IN THE MOMENT.  In the day to day…the time to brush the teeth fighting, the missing the potty clean ups, the kids coughing (again), the dirty kitchen floor, and sibling rivalry.  This list could, of course, go on…and on…
So…when they ask how we are…I have to tell them AND remind myself. 


Perhaps I should ask others that question more.  How are you?

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