Monday, April 9, 2012

Lost and Found

This week in the hometown where I grew up a two year old boy disappeared for over fifteen hours when he wandered off while his grandparents were unloading the car to get ready for a joyous Easter vacation with their grandson. He was lost and alone in the mountains of the Appalachians and no one could find him...

My mother, who still lives in my hometown, was very distraught over this missing little boy. Understandably so. She couldn't sleep after learning of his disappearance. She began to pray, along with many others, for this boy to be found. I want to share her story with you today as an example of God's faithfulness and love for each one of us. Below are her words....

My most recent testimony to the love of God. I woke up early this morning.. about 4:15. I started perusing facebook to keep up with family and Friends. I noticed some friends had posted that a little boy was missing.. 30 months old.. in the woods, since 6:00 last night. Things like this tear me up emotionally, so I started praying. I let my husband Dana and son Luke know, who got up ( dawn, now) and joined the search teams with our neighbors. I got ready for my day but I could not go to work. I prayed. The Lord reminded me of a house I was showing 2 days before in Rolling Oaks development. I was praying.. and was 'think praying..."are YOU telling me he is in Rolling Oaks? He said "He is in Rolling Oaks Development". I called Danielle at 8:59 as I was going down the road heading toward this house. I told her that I was compelled to go into Rolling Oaks by God. I drove in to the small development and slowly started through it. I did not know we were not supposed to call out, and I started hollering "Austin .. Austin" I only saw 2 other men in Rolling Oaks. As I rounded a corner , one of the men started whooping, jumping up and down, pointing and hollering. I called to him... Have you found him... He had an elated smile on his face.. and said YES!! HE is here. Being a person of solid rock composure... I BAWLED like a BABY. I called Danielle immediatly at 9:13... bawling... we found him, we found him. Then I said NOT ME, but I am here.. and he is found. I tried to reach Dana... could not. I called friends and coworkers at 9:15 and told them-- "He is found! I am here now, and he is found!" Reached my husband Dana finally at 9:26.. still bawling. People are showing up from search parties that were further down the road. A woman notices me crying , and asks me if I was Austin's Grandmother. I said " No... I am A GRANDMOTHER-- but I am crying because God told me he was here... and led me here to witness the exact second elated whoops and hollering went up!I got to hear, "There he is!" I had absolutely nothing to do with finding him. I was 20 yards from the man that jumped up and said" He is Here' So..WHY did God tell me where Austin was? In one minute of time God grew my faith in epic proportions! Austin did not need me --God led 2 other men to him. God knew I needed stronger faith in Him. ..
I GOT IT! This FAITH Is a GIFT to me straight from God.

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