Monday, August 1, 2011

Huh? What did you say?

If you are like me, I bet there are times that you have uttered those very words. "Huh, what did you say?" Most of the time my children are the ones who hear this phrase.

A while back during BFG, I was sitting with a group of several ladies and a few men for some sharing time. One of the women in our group was holding her infant son and as she was trying to talk, the infant was squirming, babbling, and making a baby ruckus. All of the Moms in the group sat listening intently to this mother share. Not one of us noticed the baby's commotion-until one of the gentlemen in the group spoke up and offered to hold the baby. All of the Moms laughed at our mutual oblivion of the chattering infant.

Over the Fourth of July, my sister in law, explained much to her dismay that she noticed how parents are able to completely tune out their children. It's true. In the multitasking, overwhelming, rewarding job of parenting, I DO find myself tuning out the voices of my children so I can read a five minute article, blog, or think a thought without interruption. However, this often means that at the end of the five minutes I have a kid that is shouting for the fifth time, "Mommy, can I PLEASE have a glass of milk?!" Maybe you aren't so guilty!

Aren't you glad that God is the perfect parent to His children? He hears our whispers. He listens to our whiny voice. He is never oblivious of his children, and He never wants alone time! He sits enthroned on our praises. He tells us to make our requests known. He loves to make conversation with us. We never have to fear that He will utter the words "Huh, what did you say?"

Make sure you tell Him thank you today!

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