Friday, January 14, 2011

It's Worth Every Minute

I am sitting at my computer typing out an email and it hits me today is FRIDAY!!!  I am suppose to post on this blog on THURSDAY!!!  I have been thinking about it all week so how did I forget to post late Wednesday night or Thursday morning?  So, I rush over to the blog as I started thinking what am I going to post about.

It hits me, something I was just thinking about this morning.  Being a Stay-At-Home-Mom.  Now, if you are not a SAHM please do not quit reading.  For a very long time I worked.  I worked very, very long hours some weeks, especially before a deadline. Before I was a SAHM I use to think if I ever get to stay home all the things I would do during the day.  I would work out regularly, I would meet my friends for lunch, we would have play dates, I would cook wonderful meals all the time and the list goes on.

Even now, I read other blogs and wonder how in the world do they get all they get done in a day sometime.  How do they get up, work out, get dressed and have breakfast on the table and it is not even 8 AM yet??  How do they have these little ones always taking the most perfect pictures all the time?  How do they.........

I have to stop myself and realize they do not do this everyday or at least that is what I tell myself.  They just do not post the pictures where the baby is not looking at the camera or they have not had time to get dressed that day because they were up half the night with a sick baby.  They do not post the days where they are lucky just to get a bowl of cereal on the table so everyone can get out the door on time.

I had work friends tell me that being a SAHM was hard work.  Well, I have found out they are right.  I told my husband recently that I have no idea how I use to do all that I did when I worked 60 hour weeks and then still found time to clean my house, have parties at our house and be involved in all I was involved in.

I do have to say  I LOVE BEING A SAHM though!  I love the time I spend with my little girl and I have finally realized that if she wants to play then I can clean the house after she goes to bed at night.  I can wash that load of clothes in a little while rather than right this second.  She is my "employer" I guess you could say.  She is why I am a SAHM.  As with any job there is a training period where you are adapting to the way things are done and I believe that to be true when you go from being employed in the work force to becoming a SAHM.  As a SAHM you do not get vacation time, sick time or personal time.  You work 24/7.  But you have a WONDERFUL benefit package.  To see that smiling face or to have those little arms reaching up to you to be held - it is worth every moment of no sleep, a messy house sometime, piled up laundry and the list goes on......

I know not everyone can be a SAHM and I do not want to offend anyone.  I admire all of you moms out there that work and can get done all the things you do in a day!!!

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