Monday, September 13, 2010

iDare U2

As kids we would often say to our friends "I dare you to..." Well our awesome God following interim Pastor (Chris Stull) has been using this phrase for the last few weeks. Today's sentence was completed: "i Dare U 2 ...Move!" Seems simple enough
One of the things we did in service (we attend the theater at the 9:00 hour) this moring just before the sermon was to turn to someone next to you and share what God has been saying to you this week. This is can be a little intemidating for some but for me it was fairly simple.  One word - "Simplify!" I have had an overwhelming need to simplify my life. With 4 children & a business to run many days I am feeling overwhelmed. Last week I spent a day cooking so I could put meals in the freezer so that at the end of a long day all I had to do was pop a pan in the oven and add some fruits & Veggies. Then we made a big decision to found a new home for the puppy we had adopted just 4 months ago because he was not making life simplier but more stressful. So meals prepared, 1 less thing to take care of & next is to go thru the house and clean out "stuff" that gets int the way.  So I was already on the path that God had intended to share with me this morning.
As the sermon starts Pastor Chris challenges us. He asked if we had the "Courage" to 1-reorder our Priorities; 2-Maintain our Focus & 3-Create healthy Habits. Amazingly God had been stirring in my heart on all three of these things this week! So time for a week of change. Matthew25:21 says "His master replied, 'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come share your master's happiness!'" That's what I want to hear God saying to me next. I want to prove my faithfulness with my priorities, my focus & my habits.

As a mom I pray I am leading a good example of a Christ follower, one that has her priorities straight. That shows my focus is on things that are good. And shows healthy habits for my kids. I know I won't always be the example I wish to be but I will be striving to be all that God has planned for me to be.

Thank you God for bringing just the right message at just the right time!

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