Monday, April 26, 2010


Are you stressed, overwhelmed, tired, worried, have sick kids, is your husband’s job unsteady, feel insecure, feel unworthy of all you have?

Do you feel like everyone around you has their stuff straight and that you would look like a drama queen if you shared your worries? Do you think we won't understand, we don't care, we’ve never been through this, that our life is perfect. Everyone else is succeeding they have no worries. I bet they never go out without brushing their hair or putting on makeup! They are always positive and never complain. They are too spiritual and I know nothing or not enough.

Ever think these thoughts? I certainly do and imagine many of you do too. We often fall into a trap when we're feeling down about life, business, marriage, raising kids and others. Surely we are the only ones who know what is like right? REALLY?

The truth is more people around you and me are going through something similar. The past couple of months I feel like I am under attack. Not big life changing stuff (that all happened years ago with Taylor’s diagnosis and the loss of our babies to miscarriage) but little things: 4 sick kids, husband with a bad back, trying to lose weight and exercise but sick myself, stress with a busier than usual work and kid schedule and then my nephew’s recent diagnosis of diabetes.

But on the flip side of all the crazy borderline tough stuff – a friend that I have been sharing with and praying for, for 5 years is now asking questions and going to church and I am blessed to be able to see it! What do I have to complain about! God is great! He is mighty! He is bigger than my worries! He will use my struggles to make a difference in the lives of others if I will let him. My job on this earth is not to be the perfect mom, housekeeper, wife, friend, Realtor, daughter, teacher, leader and the list goes on of the many hats we wear. My job on this earth is to bring glory to God and show and share His love with everyone I come in contact with.

Recently our church body has been asked to share their “story”. I have spent many hours wondering how to condense all God has done in my life into a short “story” but ultimately until now I wasn’t sure where to start. I feel God has given me the gift of Faith as I have never questioned the existence or plan of God or God’s provision in my life. I just KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that He is there. He was there when I was making stupid mistakes as a teen & young person, He was there when I met my husband, when our son was born, our daughter, when our son was diagnosed with a life altering and shortening disease, He picked me up and carried me in his loving arms when we lost 3 babies to miscarriage and rejoiced with me when we birthed two more daughters. You see once I allowed Him to join me in this life it was for keeps. For good & bad, happy & sad.

I am completely and utterly blessed that He has brought incredible women to walk this path with me. Women who lift me up and encourage me and who I can do the same with.

Some of you may be going thru a time of evaluation in your life. Maybe you are questioning the choices you have made to become a mom, to leave a career or maybe to go back to one or start a new one. I would say where ever you are in this journey of life that you need a friend to walk it with you. God says in Ecclesiastes 4:10-11 (New International Version)

10 If one falls down,
his friend can help him up.
But pity the man who falls
and has no one to help him up!

11 Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm.
But how can one keep warm alone?

The world tries to tell us that we can be and do it all! But without Christ we are nothing. Without friends we are weak. God put us together in the places we are so that we can help and encourage one another. So reach out to those around you. When you are hurting reach out and let us help you.  GO out into the world and BE Jesus to the World and in return Jesus will bring those that you need to lift you up every time you need it! Don’t DO life alone!

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