Monday, November 9, 2009

It's a Good Thing

"For it is GOD who works in you to will and to act according to His good purpose." I shared this verse (and 12 others from Philippians Chapter 2) with a group of 5th grade girls. We were in the middle of a tall grassy field, by a stocked pond, just before sunset. We discussed why on earth would GOD choose to work in us for His purpose? His good purpose? Why us? Why? Because. Because He is GOD. Because He chooses to do so. That is why. Therefore, we get to enjoy being transformed by Him. We get to focus on the work required to be changed into His likeness. We get to be safe knowing He is paying attention to us. Wow! I never want any one of my girls I teach to feel alone. GOD's attention is on her. His attention is on us. He is active in the heart of every believer. Philippians tells us it is so. Do we listen? Do we respond?
"GOD who works in you." What a phrase! This is a reminder that He is at work in us. How often do we (me!) push aside GOD and try to take over the work? Or how often do we (me!) cite exhaustion and refuse any transforming work by the Father? "GOD working in us" is not just a statement, but a blessing and promise, as well. GOD's love, care, time, and attention are on us! We are not alone and abandoned. We are not left to raise our children alone, left to be in a lonely marriage, or manage a home/job alone. GOD works in us to will and to act. He is guiding us. We can call on this help. He will guide our behavior along with His will.
I want to get out of the way so GOD's hand can create in me what He desires for His good pleasure. Who am I? Does it match with who He wants me to be? It it "GOD who works in me" as the Scripture says; or me who works in me?
As I sat with my 5th grade girls on bales of hay in the wide open field, I thought of how GOD's hand has, is, and will work in them. He has great joy in store for them. Yes, there will be pain in their lives- He will be present for that, too. But, what a blessing to know that it is GOD who works in them to "will and to act according to His good purpose."
I want to be an active participant of all He has for me, not on the sidelines. I want to be living in grace, not rebellion as His hand is attempting to mold me. I want to be ready to love Him and fulfill all of the "good purposes" He has for me!

"Father, thank You for Jesus. Please continue to work in me so that my life will be only for Your good purposes. I love You!"

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