Monday, November 7, 2011

What a coincidence!!!

As we celebrated Orphan Sunday this weekend, I was reminded of several things, but one that I couldn’t shake is how God seems to work things out so…PERFECTLY.  It just seems to come so naturally for me to think for a moment how “neat” something is and then move on…without really thinking about it.  I may even think…what a coincidence that is…but that would just be crazy.  I truly believe that there is no such thing.  What some people call coincidence actually is just God’s awesome, perfect planning.  And nothing less.

For example:
·      While we were in Uganda adopting our son, we went on a day trip to Jinja to see the beautiful sights.  While we were there we were introduced to another family adopting a little boy.  That little boy is now one of our son’s favorite people.  And their parents…whom we met in Uganda…and who also live in the DFW area…are some of our favorite people too.  Our families have become great friends!
·      We met some friends who have a heart for Africa and orphan care.  We have so much in common and become friends!  Then they decide to commit to moving to Zambia for full time mission work.  They need to rent their house in August.  Our lease on our house is up in August.  We now skype with them from their own living room.
·      We have a little boy who was hungry before we brought him home…like the real kind of hungry.  Today he sat at a table with us at church and helped  find sponsors for children who have no food to eat. 
·      A man shared his heart  about the orphan…and how God is calling each of us to do something.  He is currently waiting for a court date so he can bring his little girl home from Ethiopia.  We then watch a video about a father’s heart and how a father will do anything…travel across the world…to get to his child.  (You will want to watch this video, by the way.  Check out “depraved indifference” by Eric Ludy on youtube.)

These are just a few examples of how God has the most impeccable timing.  It reminds me that we need not worry about the details of this life.  He has it all taken care of for us.  We just need to pray, take one step at a time, and follow His plan for us.  What is God perfectly working out for you…right now?  

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