Thursday, September 8, 2011

In My Seat

As we near September 11, many of us find ourselves thinking back to where we were that morning in 2001. I was a middle school teacher at the time, and my classes were doing research in the library that day, so I was standing in the library watching it on TV as it happened. My sister-in-law lived in New York at the time, and my thoughts immediately turned to her as I tried to remain calm for my students while checking in with my family. It was a day none of us will forget, but for this man in the video below, it was a day when someone "took his place."

He does an amazing job of not only telling us how September 10-11 played out for his life, but also explaining how Someone else has taken the place for all of us. This video is a little long (15 minutes), but it was worth every minute of it--not merely to remember September 11, but to think about the One who died for each one of us. Christ, the One and Only, took the place that we deserve and did what we could never qualify to do--He saved us from certain eternal death. I will be forever grateful....

*Thanks to Pastor Richard for posting this video yesterday on Facebook.

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