Thursday, March 11, 2010

Children Are A Gift From God

Sons are a heritage from the LORD,  children a reward from him.   
Psalm 127:3 (NIV)

About a month ago I thought I knew exactly what I was going to write about for this post.  It was actually something I had been thinking about posting for months now so I guess I will eventually write it but not today. 

A couple of weeks ago as I was catching up on Face Book I read a status update that included a link to a blog about a little two year old girl that was very sick and not given much time to live.  I immediately clicked over and started reading.  As any of you that have read my post before know that our first little girl only lived for 17 short hours and then we lost our second little girl through a miscarriage.  So, when I read about a sick child or child loss my heart breaks for the parents and families.  I have been there holding our first daughter when she took her last breath.  I have been told that it did not look like our second daughter would make it and then hearing there was no heartbeat.  I have been very blessed to also hear the doctor say “it’s a girl” and hear a little cry in the room and then was able to bring my precious little girl home 11 days later! 

Everyday I realize what a precious gift God has given us.  Life is so fragile.  As I have been following this moms blog and twitter I have been reminded again about what a precious gift children are.  Never should we take one moment for grantit. 

It does not matter what age your child is they are still a precious gift from God.   Sometimes when I am out and about with my little one and we see an elderly person walking I stop and think that one time they were just as small as my little girl. So, no matter how old your child is go and give them a great big hug today and everyday and remember how precious they are no matter their age.  Life is to fragile to not let them know how much you love them.

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