Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Glad Game

I have to admit, my whole life, I missed reading the book, missed the 2 movies, and missed "The Glad Game." This explains my surly attitude, I guess. However, after watching "Pollyanna" during the Bain family movie night, I can say with honest enthusiasm, "I LOVED IT!" Perhaps this makes me the biggest cupcake in history of cupcakes, but what a refreshing storyline.

For all of you that have seen Pollyanna, I must ask- "Why haven't I heard of this Glad Game before?!" For those that need to be filled in or need a refresher reminder, the Glad Game is all about perspective. (disclaimer-I must tell you that I am totally on board with being a Pollyanna- which I thought was a derogatory term. Though I am not a seasoned Pollyanna- I have only seen the Masterpiece Theatre version of the movie- I haven't read the book. We all know books are better than their movies so I am sure I am leaving out the meatier foundation of the Glad Game, but here it goes from the movie version.)

Here is the movie dialogue between Pollyanna and a servant in her aunt's ginormous castle estate:

Pollyanna: Well, that's the game, you know.
Nancy: What game?
Pollyanna: The "Glad Game." Father taught me it.
Nancy: What is it?
Pollyanna: It started when I wanted a doll. And Father had written asking for one from the charity people, but when it came, there were just some crutches.
Nancy: Crutches?
Pollyanna: Yes, you know. And the game is to find something to be glad about in everything.
Nancy: How can you be glad about having crutches if you wanted a doll?
Pollyanna: Ah Ha! You're glad because you don't need them!

The game is about perspective, and finding something good even in the hardest circumstances. This is why I like this game so much, because I NEED it.
Because, I would have thrown those crutches across the room!- I wanted a doll! Not crutches!!
My first reaction is a fleshly one. I told you I have a surly side. But I am on board with Pollyanna, and am in need of an attitude adjustment.
As I sat watching the movie, I couldn't help but see biblical verse parallels. Even though God was not mentioned in the movie I watched, I know Pollyanna's father was a missionary, so I am sure the game came from Godly origins. (Perhaps Romans 8:28, Titus 1:15.) I think the Lord would probably prefer for us to find reasons to be happy with the circumstances that He gives us, rather than find fault with what He provides.
Secular culture has adopted sayings such as, "When life gives you lemons, turn it in to lemonade." However, sweeter is the song saying, "God is good, all the time."

Thank you Lord for the rain today. Thank you for the washing machine and the clothes to wash. Thank you my morning breakfast and coffee. Thank you for our car and home. Thank you for our stove that is working. (all of these things, I could say something ungrateful..see I am catching on...)
My girls and I are playing this game daily. When a situation doesn't turn out like we wish, we find one way to be glad. When will your family start playing the Glad Game? Come join me.
"This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it."
Psalm 118:24


  1. GOD is good, isn't He?
    Thanks, Lesley!

  2. That is awesome Lesley. I have never seen or heard of it either. We might have to start playing that here.